Master Chef Rudolf “Rudi” Sodamin founded Food Sensation Enterprises to fill an obvious hole in the foodservice and hospitality industries. Sodamin saw that these industries needed a resource with vast experience in high-end culinary production, as well as organizational expertise, coupled with deep insights and experience in specialized marketing for culinary products, services, and outlets.

That was an almost impossible combination of skills to find, until Sodamin started Food Sensation Enterprises.

Touted by the international Press as the Paul Bocuse of the Seven Seas, award-winning master chef Sodamin revolutionized dining onboard cruise ships. Chef Rudi has been the creative force that has breathed life and excitement into culinary programs on cruise lines, setting the bar higher and changing the rules for an entire industry. Sodamin is a master of the unprecedented.

Through his countless industry-firsts—such as hiring the first women chefs as executives and cross-cultural event promotions, Sodamin revolutionized the culinary practices and where he was the youngest person ever to become Corporate Executive Chef aboard the legendary Queen Elizabeth 2 at the age of 24.

The forward-thinking Chef and Executive has smashed records and set new standards for the cruise ship industry with cutting-edge menus, innovative cooking techniques, and bold management moves.

The leading international authority on the oceans of the world, and Cruise Lines’ most decorated Chef, Sodamin is an international culinary phenomenon both on land and sea. He has cooked for kings (literally), and other heads of state, and won numerous honors and awards, including being bestowed with the title Maitre de Cuisine of France (only five others who were not French-born have ever received this title).

"The Queen Mother congratulated him with a soft handshake
and great admiration."
— Neue Zeit

Rudi’s culinary creations extend to beautiful cookbooks as well. His latest is entitled “Simply Elegant” Volume 2, Holland America Line second Cookbook. Volume 3 is in the the works — to be published in 2009, as well as the upcoming Holland America Line “Culinary Signature Collection of gourmet food products.”


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