Working with your team, Food Sensation Enterprises will provide a comprehensive analysis of your supply chain operation. We review every expenditure—line by line and product by product—to reduce costs and achieve the ideal balance between food and beverage product and efficiency. We get inside your operation to research, analyze and then determine cost.

"[Rudi is a] wunderkind at sea — starts a cruise with up to 120 tons of food."
— Caribbean Travel and Life

Our team of culinary professionals is trained to cut cost without compromising quality. Furthermore, we have the capacity to evaluate and recommend strategy for all in-house resources as well as vendors and inventory controls. Rebuild food and beverage infrastructure to maximize resources and technology and increase efficiencies. Each initiative we undertake will be well-researched, presented (including cost breakdowns and analysis), and implemented upon approval. We provide all research and accompanying documentation for flowcharts of responsibilities and accountability.

We provide the streamlined process, so your team can concentrate on the daily execution of excellence:

  • Food and Beverage Management Consulting
  • Food and Beverage Organizational Reviews
  • Total Kitchen Audits
  • Culinary Support and Training
  • Food and Beverage china, linen and equipment sourcing
  • Food styling and photography