Josef Jungwirth,  Corporate Executive Chef Royal Caribbean International
Chef & Motivator Rudi Sodamin – "A passion for his profession helps Rudi to move mountains with his simplistic team-concept and his straight-forward, good-hearted leadership approach. Quality, Integrity and Creativity are his middle names." His energy is contagious!

Dorothy Cann Hamilton,  President of The French Culinary Institute
"Rudi Sodamin has many talents" he is a great Manager and authority in the world of food and a great Chef with many accomplishments …...but there are few chefs that can match his style, elegance and know how for entertaining thousands of people.... all at once!"

President Clinton and Rudi Sodamin at the White House

Jack Williams,  President and COO Celebrity and Royal Caribbean International
 "Rudi Sodamin, our high-spirited culinary consultant and spokesperson, and Master Chef of Royal Caribbean International. Since Joining Royal Caribbean several years ago, Rudi has been instrumental in bringing the culinary product up to a new level of excitement; he is truly a master in his field. ”

Sirio Maccioni,  Le Cirque
"Rudi Sodamin,- a passionate culinary guru who understands both sides of the hospitality business,- he is a wizard of managing people and maximizes their potential of each individual person He truly demonstrates a great talent and personal desire that transcends to bring his food alive with flair I have always admired his commitment the last 20 Years! Believe me, there are not many professionals with this talent like him around!”

Larry Pimentel,  President and Chief Executive Officer - Sea Dream Yacht Club
"Rudi is a creative artist. He constantly creates opportunity from a business perspective. Without a doubt his presentation of cuisine is delightful on the eyes. Additionally his cuisine taste wonderful to the palate. Rudi is a unique positive energy. The combination of excellent cuisine and a positive energy is charming and enduring.”

Adam Goldstein,  Executive VP Royal Caribbean International
"Rudi's passion for culinary achievement and enjoyment is simply exceptional. He immerses himself in every aspect from artistic expression to business performance. Every interaction with Rudi yields unique ideas and opportunities and underscores the remarkable possibilities and diversity of the culinary field. ”

Peter Bates,  President Strategic Vision
"Master Chef Rudi Sodamin is best described as an artist- he is both imaginative and creative, his books, product lines and dishes put him in a class of his own – his contribution to the culinary art aboard international cruise lines – first at Cunard Line where he revolutionist the cruise line cuisine and now at Royal Caribbean International should not be underestimated."

Shedric Wallace,  Director Food Operation, Royal Caribbean International
"Rudi Sodamin's remarkable creativity and vision is responsible for the unprecedented transformation of our culinary product that began under his leadership several years ago He and the talent team that he has attracted established the foundation on which we stand as leaders in culinary innovation. He continues to bring new ideas to our brand . ”

Stein Kruse,  Senior VP Fleet Operation, Holland America Line
"Rudi is a true culinary visionary and who made the Cruise Industry Cuisine and Service fashionable. His unique style and approach has influenced many of today's young chefs now making a name for themselves in the food industry. His work makes culinary art sparkle with passion and energy.”

Zane Tankel,  Chairman Apple Metro
"Rudi’s input into Zanaro’s restaurant and menu concept and its design was invaluable. His natural and artistic plate presentation, along with his business recommendations and extensive culinary skills helped make Zanaro'a success. He was professional and productive in his interactions with our employees and management.”