"Praise — there was nothing but praise."
— The Sunday Express

We work in tandem with our clients' teams to upgrade the existing menus,  modernize presentations and evaluate ingredients. We write and present new menu  outlines that include regional specialties, sensitivity to seasonality and are appropriate  for the concept of each individual restaurant and then present the outline to our client.  When approved, we develop the complete menu and work out the end-to-end details from  menu wording and presentation to developing and testing the recipes. Next, we create  the policies and procedures for the staff to follow regarding each dish. Each menu will  dovetail with the overall mission statement for each company’s culinary product and will be  completely demonstrated and documented for the staff.

To enhance the entire culinary delivery approach, we evaluate the entire  back-of-house structure, from the equipment itself, to its location and the positioning  and responsibility of each chef and server. We will give a full presentation of our  recommendations with a complete business case for each element. Moving forward, we  create flowcharts detailing responsibility which will provide a measure of accountability. We  work with our clients’ crews to provide a seamless integration between cooking staff and  serving teams.  We work with our clients’ HR department and the key f&b supervisors for  all culinary hiring efforts during the term of the contract as well as design culinary staff  reorganizations and provide HR with documents detailing all procedures, standards, and  performance expectations.